The Big List Of Woke Companies You Should Boycott

The BIG list of 'woke' companies to boycott.

Jul 29, 2022 . The definitive list of liberal, progressive and / or anti-Trump companies that you should boycott: 07/08/20: 7: List of WOKE companies to boycott (The list begins) 06/19/21: 8: Should we start a list of tech companies to boycott? 11/16/20: 9: We need a list of companies mandating workers get vaxxed. To boycott: 08/17/21: 10: The definitive list ....

The BIG list of woke companies you should boycott.

The BIG list of 'woke' companies to boycott INTRODUCTION: Once upon a time, the cardinal rule of business was to never even discuss politics, yet nowadays, large corporations are brazenly choosing to alienate half of the country by smearing Donald Trump and/or Republicans, attacking voting integrity laws, pushing for censorship of conservative speech, pushing ESG, and ....

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Aug 11, 2022 . Bosses pictured entering Number 10 today included Michael Lewis, the GBP1million-a-year CEO of E.ON, Tom Glover of RWE, and Clare Harbord of power generator Drax. Jonathan Brearley, who receives a ....

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Aug 02, 2022 . Politics-Govt Just in time for U.S. Senate race, border wall gets a makeover. The "big" and "beautiful" U.S.-Mexico border wall that became a key campaign issue for Donald Trump is getting a makeover thanks to the Biden administration, but a critic of the current president says dirty politics is behind the decision..

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The definitive list of left-wing companies that you should boycott.

Apr 17, 2021 . BIGGEST TECH TYRANTS!!!Amazon - (see our detailed review of Amazon) - Amazon is a dangerous threat to free speech and they're our #1 boycott target! Huge Dem donors, censorship, 'woke', Seattle-based.Alphabet > Google > YouTube - (see our detailed review of Google) - Company is a dangerous threat to Democracy. Huge dem donors, censorship, 'woke', ....

The Woke Capitalism List: 50 Times Huge Companies Sided With ….

Aug 09, 2019 . Companies endorse liberal causes at seemingly every turn, virtue-signaling their way to what they hope are greater profits. Some companies get rich off their wokeness, while others falter as a result. Read the 50 times corporations attempted to capitalize on ....

New Boycott List Shows 56 Companies Paying for Killing Babies ….

Jun 29, 2022 . A whopping 67.5% said no, companies shouldn't take sides. Only 27% supported the idea of political involvement. Those are even higher numbers than the 2021 poll by Rasmussen (66% in favor of neutrality) and Family Research Council's May 2022 survey , which both found very little appetite for more woke corporate activism..

Woke-a-Cola: How to Destroy a World-Leading Brand in 60 Seconds.

Apr 12, 2021 . Keurig Dr Pepper Inc signed the Big Woke Letter trashing TX & GA election integrity efforts. Check out keurigdrpepper and you'll find 70 brands to avoid, many of which you probably buy. They have a sneaky little oligopoly game going, flooding the market with dozens of brands each of coffee & cola. Keurig Dr Pepper, RC Cola, Nehi Cola ETC Snapple.

279 Companies Supporting Violent Antifa & Black Lives Matter.

Jun 09, 2020 . This is a list of all of the "woke" companies (and brands) that are supporting violent protests across the United States. Despite the chaos, destruction, and deaths, "woke" companies across the country have still come out in support of #BlackLivesMatter, Antifa terrorists, and general criminals. ... Big Whilly from Philly says: January ....

Five Woke Companies And The Alternatives To Them.

Jul 11, 2021 . In late-February, a whistleblower at Coke revealed company-mandated training requiring all Coca-Cola employees to learn about "what it means to be white," and encouraging them to "try and be less white." Racist indoctrination disguised as anti-racist wokeism. Screenshots of the PowerPoint presentation accompanying the training went viral, requiring ....

12 Woke Companies to Avoid - The Blue State Conservative.

Jan 20, 2021 . As with Bank of America, there are non-woke banks that you should use instead. I recommend M1 Finance or Renasant. 5. Netflix. This is one of the most disgusting companies on this list of woke companies to avoid. Netflix, like most of the others, used to be an excellent company that provided a terrific product. In fact, it largely still does..

West Virginia treasurer puts five banks on restricted list.

Jul 28, 2022 . Due to their policies on fossil fuels, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo can't bid on state banking contracts in the Mountain State..

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Studios Respond to Showrunners' Letter Demanding Abortion-Access Protocols "We share your concerns around the health, safety and well-being of our ....

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MoA - On The 'Woke' Flight To Taiwan.

Aug 02, 2022 . Thank you also for the link to Alistaire Crooke's article included. (sanction numbing for the EU). If, as you suspect, selective transit and a "no-fly zone" is enlarged over the Taiwan Strait, I would expect some similar measure to constrain the "freedom of the seas" passages of warships. Something that has obviously irritated China in the past..

Red states fight back with all-out assault against woke banks: 'We ….

Aug 05, 2022 . Republican state officials don't plan to just allow woke banks pushing climate change to destroy them and are readying an all-out assault to fight back against so-called environmental, social ....

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Aug 11, 2022 . Energy bills could top GBP5,000 by April. Energy bills could soar even higher than expected to more than GBP5,000 next year, experts have warned, as industry bosses will be told to ....

Arizona Treasurer Candidate’s Sleepy Campaign Against 'Woke' ….

Jul 27, 2022 . Companies with high ESG scores include large, recognizable businesses like Microsoft, Accenture, JB Hunt, and Salesforce. Investors' Business Daily's list of the 100 best ESG companies also includes ON Semiconductor, which is headquartered in Phoenix. Weninger did not respond to multiple requests for comment. More Costs in Texas.

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Aug 07, 2022 . Sable's rise has been meteoric. He was fifth in the Federation Cup in 2017, but won the title in the National Open that year, and he ran sub-9m for the first time. Within a year, he broke the legendary Gopal Saini's 37-year-old national record at the 2018 National Open Championships with a time of 8:29.80..

U.S. Companies Helping Employees Abort Their Babies Have Also ....

Jul 06, 2022 . Rather than pay for maternity leave, a laundry list of woke U.S. corporations (who until recently flaunted Pride-themed logos) are cutting costs by offering chump change so their pregnant employees.

MoA - On The 'Woke' Flight To Taiwan.

Aug 02, 2022 . Thank you also for the link to Alistaire Crooke's article included. (sanction numbing for the EU). If, as you suspect, selective transit and a "no-fly zone" is enlarged over the Taiwan Strait, I would expect some similar measure to constrain the "freedom of the seas" passages of warships. Something that has obviously irritated China in the past..

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Cancel culture or call-out culture is a phrase contemporary to the late 2010s and early 2020s used to refer to a form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles - whether it be online, on social media, or in person.Those subject to this ostracism are said to have been "cancelled". The expression "cancel culture" has mostly negative connotations and is ....

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The company was founded in mid-2013. In 2013, Novaya Gazeta newspaper reported that Internet Research Agency Ltd's office was in Olgino, a historic district of Saint Petersburg. The terms "Trolls from Olgino" and "Olgino's trolls" (Russian: "?????? ?? ???????", "?????????? ??????") have become general terms denoting trolls who spread pro-Russian propaganda, not ....

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Mar 01, 2011 . That meant expanding its list of enemies to include Asians, immigrants, bootleggers, dope, graft, night clubs and road houses, violation of the Sabbath, sex, pre- and extra-marital escapades and scandalous behavior. ... told fellow governors at a meeting: "We woke up one morning and found the Klan had gained political control of our state ....

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The FBI's raid on former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate -- ever so conveniently timed as the White House occupant's approval numbers sink, the Swamp prepares to shovel a whopping $5.5 billion in foreign and military aid down the bottomless Ukrainian black hole and the American economy keels over like Biden on a bike --....

Corporate America Should Stay Out of Abortion | Opinion ....

Jul 13, 2022 . The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v.Wade is triggering a predictable reaction from various "woke" corporations - or, perhaps more accurately, from corporations intimidated by woke activists and employees.. They should stay out of it. Abortion is a political, moral, and religious issue - not an economic one..

BUSINESS LIVE: Next to invest in Joules; M&C Saatchi takeover ….

Aug 08, 2022 . The FTSE 100 has closed up 0.6 per cent to 7,482.4, while the FTSE 250 ended the day up 0.3 per cent to 20,118.44. Among UK companies with reports and updates are Joules, M&C Saatchi, PageGroup ....

‘Ben & Jerry’s tendencies’ of woke businesses ... - Telegraph.

Jul 12, 2022 . Kemi Badenoch, the Tory leadership candidate, has hit out at Ben & Jerry’s owner Unilever in an attack on companies that focus on “social justice” at the expense of profits..

As 'woke' businesses face right-wing wrath, culture war capitalists ….

Aug 03, 2022 . Other new companies in the "anti-woke" battle ... which recently added Harry's to its list of "'woke' companies to boycott." The, launched last ....

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The Korean wave or K-wave (Korean: ??; Hanja: ??; RR: Hallyu; MR: Hallyu, listen (help . info), a neologism, literally meaning "wave/flow of Korea") is the increase in global popularity of South Korean culture since the 1990s. First driven by the spread of K-dramas and K-pop across East, Southeast and South Asia during its initial stages, the Korean Wave have since evolved from a ....